Meet the Gaming Experts – Your chance to find out who you’ll be meeting in Brighton, 11th July

Meet the Gaming Experts is landing in Brighton this Monday (11th July) and you’re invited to attend our Brexit themed event.

Offering free marketing, PR, legal, accounting and game development advice, this is your chance to learn more about the big issues facing the games industry after the historic referendum vote – as well as an opportunity to get some free drinks in.

But who will you be meeting at the event, which is sponsored by Plus Accounting and Coffin Mew? Here’s a quick run down.


Brexit: Meet The Gaming Experts Attempts To Answer Your Questions And Solve Problems

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Brexit has happened. Though the games industry in the UK was clearly in favour of Remain, the country voted otherwise – so it’s time to get on with things.

To help bring the industry together and to help businesses pick apart the challenges of Brexit, whether British or not, we’ve therefore decided that it’s best for us to change the focus of our event in Brighton on the 11th July.



Meet The Gaming Business Experts Hits Brighton, 11th July


Want to learn how to improve the business side of your games business? Then Meet The Gaming Business Experts on the 11th July in Brighton could be just for you.

Sponsored by Plus Accounting and Coffin Mew and taking place the day before the Develop Conference opens its doors, Meet the Gaming Business Experts will give you the chance to meet people with practical advice to help your games business to thrive.


Finntastic Fun – Our Round Up At Meet The Mobile Gaming Experts Helsinki

The sun was shining, the weather was glorious and the rooftop terrace delightfully airy. No, we’re not talking about an impromptu trip to the South of France; we’re talking about the fantastic afternoon we had in Helsinki on Monday 9th May at Meet the Mobile Gaming Experts. Sponsored by Pollen VC, our experts from Armada[…]


Martin MacMillan, Pollen VC, discusses why cashflow matters to start up mobile game developers

Cashflow is one of the biggest problems facing start up mobile game developers. As Eric Seufert sagely pointed out on his site MobileDevMemo, life time value marketing, an essential part of free to play success, means you need a short term cash boost early to be able to reap the benefits of it. No initial cashflow or investment means you can easily spend your early marketing budget, lose your safety net and go out of business before you get the long term value from users.

Martin MacMillan experienced exactly this problem when he started up his own app company. In particular, he was frustrated by the length of time it takes for iTunes Connect to cough up app store revenues that could be usefully reinvested early to help developers bridge the gap.


Lindsey Pickles & George Osborn London Mobile Games Week

Bright Mavericks at London Mobile Games Week and Helsinki

At Bright Mavericks, we believe our event format is not about a ‘big sell’, rather it’s meeting face to face and making a connection.  Attendees pick a table, rotate round (rather than the hosts) enabling networking with different people throughout the event. Attendees meet their peers, exchange information, learn the latest industry updates from our experts, network and have fun.  For our[…]