Games Tax Relief: Kirsty Rigden, Director of Operations at Futurlab, explains how tax relief helped her studio


Games tax relief is an excellent way to significantly reduce or refund your tax bill. But with Brexit threatening the health of the public finances, there are questions about whether the scheme will remain open – meaning it is a good idea to start applying for it as soon as possible.

Prior to the vote, we spoke to Kirsty Rigden, Director of Operations at Futurlab, about how Plus Accounting helped them secure a share of hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of games tax relief. Here’s what we found out.



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Acquiring users with the help of social media: Reinout Te Brake, CEO of GetSocial

Social media is one of the best ways to acquire new users. Whether you’re paying for them programmatically and benefitting from the excellent targeting of the platform or using social integration within your app to reach organic users, the likes of Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat all offer ways to help you expand your mobile game’s user base.

How though can you benefit from social channels? Which offer the best return on investment? And which opportunities exist in the market that perhaps haven’t been fully tapped into yet?