Meet the Gaming Experts – Your chance to find out who you’ll be meeting in Brighton, 11th July

Meet the Gaming Experts is landing in Brighton this Monday (11th July) and you’re invited to attend our Brexit themed event.

Offering free marketing, PR, legal, accounting and game development advice, this is your chance to learn more about the big issues facing the games industry after the historic referendum vote – as well as an opportunity to get some free drinks in.

But who will you be meeting at the event, which is sponsored by Plus Accounting and Coffin Mew? Here’s a quick run down.


Games Tax Relief: Kirsty Rigden, Director of Operations at Futurlab, explains how tax relief helped her studio


Games tax relief is an excellent way to significantly reduce or refund your tax bill. But with Brexit threatening the health of the public finances, there are questions about whether the scheme will remain open – meaning it is a good idea to start applying for it as soon as possible.

Prior to the vote, we spoke to Kirsty Rigden, Director of Operations at Futurlab, about how Plus Accounting helped them secure a share of hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of games tax relief. Here’s what we found out.


Brexit: Meet The Gaming Experts Attempts To Answer Your Questions And Solve Problems

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Brexit has happened. Though the games industry in the UK was clearly in favour of Remain, the country voted otherwise – so it’s time to get on with things.

To help bring the industry together and to help businesses pick apart the challenges of Brexit, whether British or not, we’ve therefore decided that it’s best for us to change the focus of our event in Brighton on the 11th July.



Meet The Gaming Business Experts Hits Brighton, 11th July


Want to learn how to improve the business side of your games business? Then Meet The Gaming Business Experts on the 11th July in Brighton could be just for you.

Sponsored by Plus Accounting and Coffin Mew and taking place the day before the Develop Conference opens its doors, Meet the Gaming Business Experts will give you the chance to meet people with practical advice to help your games business to thrive.


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