Meet the Gaming Experts – Your chance to find out who you’ll be meeting in Brighton, 11th July

Meet the Gaming Experts is landing in Brighton this Monday (11th July) and you’re invited to attend our Brexit themed event.

Offering free marketing, PR, legal, accounting and game development advice, this is your chance to learn more about the big issues facing the games industry after the historic referendum vote – as well as an opportunity to get some free drinks in.

But who will you be meeting at the event, which is sponsored by Plus Accounting and Coffin Mew? Here’s a quick run down.

Accounting and Games Tax Relief


Plus Accounting will be sharing advice about Brexit and the financial implications of it for your business at the show. But they’ll also be sharing tips on how to get a hold of games tax relief, something that they know a fair bit about after recovering £200,000 of cash for their clients through the scheme in the past year.

On the day, you’ll have the chance to meet Luke Thomas – a Chartered Accountant at Plus Accounting. But you’ll also have the chance to speak to Kirsty Rigden, who is Operations Director at British developer Futurlab and a board member at UKIE, about the practicalities of managing studio finances from within.


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Exploring the legal implications of Brexit, as well as other legal challenges facing games companies, will be the great team at Coffin Mew. Looking into employment and IP law in particular, their experts will be on hand to give you some free advice on what to expect in the Brexit landscape.

Handling the IP rights side of thing will be Mark O’Halloran, who is a partner at the firm. And in charge of employment law discussions will be Amy Richardson, who is an associate solicitor at the company.

Marketing, Media and PR


Our event host, George Osborn, has written about the legal implications of Brexit. But he’ll also be on hand to offer some genuine advice about media outreach and why it will almost certainly be totally unaffected by Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

Helping provide some actually useful advice on marketing and PR alongside George will be Tracey McGarrigan. Head of Ansible Comms, Tracey has swathes of experience within the industry and is turning all her knowledge to trying to help you come up with some post Brexit marketing plans – as well as offering other advice along the way too.

Game Development


Finally, and to clear the Brexit palette, we’ll be having two bona fide game development experts on hand to talk about being in the games business.

Jesse Freeman, Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon, is one of those. Representing the company and sharing his experience of game development, Jesse will be available for conversation throughout the day.

As will our other developer representative, Paul Kilduff Taylor. Co-founder of Mode 7 Games, the creator of Frozen Synapse and the forthcoming Tokyo 42, Paul will be making his considerable brain power and Twitter date jokes available to all who asks.

How to attend

So you want to come and meet our experts – but how do you do it?

Simply sign up for a ticket using the form at the bottom of this post and you’ll get access to two things. The first is our roundtable event in the evening, which takes place from 5pm-6:30pm and gives you the chance to talk with our experts one at a time.

And the second thing it will give access to will be a potential one to one meet up with our experts from 3-5pm. These are not compulsory to attend, but if you do want to sign up then do so while you can – most places are gone.

That’s it for now. Please grab your ticket below to get yourself into the event and we look forward to seeing you by the seaside on Monday 11th July.