Brexit: Meet The Gaming Experts Attempts To Answer Your Questions And Solve Problems

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Brexit has happened. Though the games industry in the UK was clearly in favour of Remain, the country voted otherwise – so it’s time to get on with things.

To help bring the industry together and to help businesses pick apart the challenges of Brexit, whether British or not, we’ve therefore decided that it’s best for us to change the focus of our event in Brighton on the 11th July.

Focusing now on what the Brexit challenge will be and how to prepare for it ahead of the Autumn, our event will offer you the chance to get advice straight from the experts.

Our sponsors Coffin Mew and Plus Accounting, who recently announced they helped British game businesses receive £200,000 in tax relief, will be on hand to provide legal and financial advice – as will Kirsty Rigden, UKIE board member and head of operations at British game developer Futurlab.

Meanwhile, Ansible Comms founder Tracey McGarrigan will be here to help explain the PR and marketing implications. And our event host, George Osborn, will be available to talk to about the wider industry implications following his research on the topic for Games Industry Biz.

But we’ll also make sure that we’ll be keeping positive during the event to make sure that we find a productive way to solve the Brexit problem.

One way we’ll do that is by offering practical advice on game development with the help of Paul Kilduff Taylor, Co-founder of Mode 7 Games, and Jesse Freeman, Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon.

And another will be through free drinks and food that’ll help get the conversation flowing and keep spirits high.

If you’d like to come along to the event for a drink and a chat with our experts, simply sign up for a free ticket at the bottom of this post. It’ll grant you free access to our Brexit roundtable event from 3pm onwards, as well as a chance to sign up for a one to one session with our experts – so please do grab a ticket.

And if you have any problems signing up or want to support the event, please email for more information and we will happily get back to you.

It’s time for the industry to move forward as one to find a solution to our problems. We hope you’ll join us at 68 Middle Street in Brighton to find a positive way forward for games businesses across the UK.